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JUNE 2-30: Sarah Creason & Tom Sherbondy
JULY 3-30: Creative Abstracts by Stevie Ross
AUGUST 1-31: Kristy Jo Beber: Colorful Pottery & Paintings
SEPT 2-3: John C Kelty Watercolors & Fall/Halloween Art
OCT 2-31: Sue Davis Painting & Fall/Halloween Art
NOV 10-DEC 31: Holiday Art
Acrylic Painting - Kathy Funderburg
Clay - Kimberly Rorick
Clay & 2D Mixed Media-Kristy Jo Beber
Clay - Steve Vachon
Clay by Guest Artists
Clay & Glass - Paula Crill
Encaustic & Baskets-Ruth Koomler
Glass - Elaine Wiening
Glass by Guest Artists
Fabrics & Jewelry - Suzi Emley
Fiber - Natalie Drummond
Oil & Acrylic Painting-Janie Caldwell
Fiber & Mixed Media by Guest Artists
Jewelry-Janet R Webb
Jewelry by Guest Artists
Mixed Media - Sue Davis
Mixed Media-Susan Kline
Oils - Sarah Creason
Watercolor, Mixed Media - Dawn Gerardot
Photography - Martha Trenkner
Wood & Metal by Guest Artists
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When I sit down to design a piece of jewelry I never know how it will look until it is finished. I may have an idea of what I'd like to do, but that usually changes during the process. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes just having many beads lying around on the table together will lend itself to creativity, ideas I would not have thought of if the beads were not just scattered here and there. Color combinations are also created by having a 'mess' of beads scattered all over my bead boards.

The same concept applies to the design of my pillows and purses. The juxtaposition of fabrics lying next to each inspires the creation and design of my pieces. I never know what a purse or pillow will look like until it is completely finished.

My frequent travels in the U.S. and Europe give me new ideas for creating jewelry and purses. I acquire most of my fabrics in my travels as well.

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