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AUGUST 2-31, 2023: Dawn Gerardot & 4 Ohio Clay Artists
SEPTEMBER 2-30, 20: Kathy Funderburg Acrylics & Patti Barker Wearables
October 3-31, 2023: Susan Dhaenens Pastels & Julie Langensiepen Fiber
NOV 8-DEC 31, 2023: Holiday Art
JAN 2024 TBD
FEB 2024: Valentine Hearts
MARCH 2024: Annual Themed Exhibition: WATER
MAY 2024 TBD
JUNE 2-30, 2024: TBD
July 1-31, 2024: TBA
Acrylic Painting - Kathy Funderburg
Clay - Kimberly Rorick
Clay & 2D Mixed Media-Kristy Jo Beber
Clay - Steve Vachon
Clay by Guest Artists
Clay & Glass - Paula Crill
Glass - Elaine Wiening
Glass by Guest Artists
Fiber - Natalie Drummond
Fiber & Mixed Media by Guest Artists
Jewelry- Greg & BJ Jordan
Jewelry-Janet R Webb
Jewelry & Oil Painting - Suzi Emley
Jewelry by Guest Artists
Mixed Media - Sue Davis
Oil Painting - Heidi Malott
Oils - Sarah Creason
Photography - Martha Trenkner
Wood & Metal by Guest Artists
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art steve vachon and sue davis Bird-Jars.jpg art steve vachon Lunar-Vessel-Green.jpg
art steve vachon and sue davis Tall-Leaf-Boxes copy.jpg
I'm inspired by ancient ritual vessels, artifacts and architectural elements from many cultures. History and tradition are relevant to my work and give me a foundation on which to build and move forward. Central to my work is the constant exploration and development of form along with a balancing of contrasting surfaces to create work that is modern but at the same time acknowledges historical references.

I am fascinated by the versatility of clay and it's ability to survive the centuries by its metamorphosis by fire.

Steve Vachon earned a BFA at Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. He studied ceramics with Clyde Burt and Nancy McCroskey. He is an artist in residence teaching wheel throwing at Wiesser Park Magnet School in Fort Wayne. Steve specializes in raku but also works with other ceramic firing techniques and finishes. He has exhibited at many juried art fairs in Indiana and other states.

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