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AUGUST 2-31, 2023: Dawn Gerardot & 4 Ohio Clay Artists
SEPTEMBER 2-30, 20: Kathy Funderburg Acrylics & Patti Barker Wearables
October 3-31, 2023: Susan Dhaenens Pastels & Julie Langensiepen Fiber
NOV 8-DEC 31, 2023: Holiday Art
JAN 2024 TBD
FEB 2024: Valentine Hearts
MARCH 2024: Annual Themed Exhibition: WATER
MAY 2024 TBD
JUNE 2-30, 2024: TBD
July 1-31, 2024: TBA
Acrylic Painting - Kathy Funderburg
Clay - Kimberly Rorick
Clay & 2D Mixed Media-Kristy Jo Beber
Clay - Steve Vachon
Clay by Guest Artists
Clay & Glass - Paula Crill
Glass - Elaine Wiening
Glass by Guest Artists
Fiber - Natalie Drummond
Fiber & Mixed Media by Guest Artists
Jewelry- Greg & BJ Jordan
Jewelry-Janet R Webb
Jewelry & Oil Painting - Suzi Emley
Jewelry by Guest Artists
Mixed Media - Sue Davis
Oil Painting - Heidi Malott
Oils - Sarah Creason
Photography - Martha Trenkner
Wood & Metal by Guest Artists
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Everything is HANDMADE BY ME in my studio at my home in Northeast Indiana. I have been a full time clay artist since graduating from college in 1999.

I describe my work as being a stylized interpretation of people, both men and women. My recent work came about from a themed exhibit at the co-op, Orchard Gallery, where I am a member, called “Art Becomes Her”. I began by making tall, slender women with stamped bodices using symbolism to make each one different. As I continue with this theme I find myself experimenting with facial expression and gesture to help define the people giving each one a unique personality.

I work in porcelain clay, which is the whitest, purest clay there is. Every figure is fired three separate times in the kiln. First, as a normal bisque firing after the piece is completely dry. The second time after the color has been applied, then the third time using a black wash defining the textural and linear surface of the figures and their detail - thus adding more depth and character of highlight and shadow.

I am excited to be moving in this new direction and I look forward to see where these new figures will lead me.

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